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CR2032 3V 220mAh battery

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Battery modelCR2032
Nominal voltage3.0V
Minimum capacity220mAh(0.2C discharge)
Max discharging

continuous discharge


non-continuous discharge


Shipment voltage≥3.0V

Battery pack impedance


Storage (At 50% SOC and specified temp,

recoverable capacity in % vs time )    


(12 months ≥85% )

-10℃ ~45℃

(6 months   ≥85% )


(1 month   ≥90% )

20±5℃ is the recommended storage temperature

Visual Inspection

There should not be any remarkable scratches, cracks,

bolts, cauterization, deformations, swelling, leakage

and so on the surface of the cell.

Reference standard

GB/T 18287-2013,IEC/EN61960, UL1642


Key Features

  1. Intelligent Battery Pack Design

  2. Environmental Friendly Chemistry

  3. High Energy Density

  4. High Power Density

  5. Fast Charge Capability

  6. Excellent Cycle Life

Main Applications

    A.Telecommunications: Cellular phone, interphone, blue tooth earphone, ect.

    B.Video Devices: MP3/MP4/MP5, digital camera, portable DVD, portable television, electronic cigarettes,    electricity sound box, ect.

    C.Portable Devices: GPS,PDA, E-book ,PMP, PSP, laptop, walkie-talkies , portable medical device, etc.

    D.Illuminate Devices: Miner lamp, search light, ect.

    E.Others: Electric Toys, RC models, model aircraft, backup power, mobile power supply, hand electric drill, ect.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Details:
Packing for each item. Standard weight and outer package for all shipping method.

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Delivery Details:

* Within 2-3 days after receiving payment(based on actual quantity)

* DHL/FedEx/UPS fast express

* Air Shipping/ Sea Shipping. All accepted.

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